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AMF - Implementing Agreement on Advanced Motor Fuels

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Annex 53: Sustainable Bus Systems

Purpose and Objectives

The main objective of this project is to develop a methodology for setting requirements for clean and energy efficient busses for use in tendering processes for public transport operators in developing regions. This shall also include guidance and recommendations to control and follow up the buses in operation. The requirements shall be adopted to local conditions and verify the effects in real driving conditions in developing cities. A methodology to assess emission stability over time should also be considered. Only new OEM products will be considered, no retrofit solutions.


WP0 Collection of data from existing buses

WP1 Evaluation of operational conditions in cities in developing countries. The city of Santiago de Chile is the first target as a pilot for other cities

WP2 Analysis of existing test cycles versus local operation conditions in developing cities

WP3 Development of a common test methodology and protocols for reporting of data

WP4 Selection of bus technologies (Euro III and later) and fuels to be considered for the tests

WP5 Execution of tests according to the developed methodology on vehicles and fuels as selected

WP6 Analysis of data from both the own measurements and the collated existing data

WP7 Development of guidelines for busses in sustainable bus transport systems, including certification, tendering and periodic inspection

WP8 Work exchange of researchers between Europe and South-America

WP9 Co-ordination of the project, synthesis and reporting

Project Duration  November 2015 - December 2017
Task Sharing Canada, Chile, Finland, Sweden
Cost Sharing  
Total Budget  

Operating Agent

Alfonso Cadiz
Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile
Vicente Reyes 198, Maipu
phone: +562 2 5382188
email: acadiz@mtt.gob.cl