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Fuel comparisons


Within the IEA-AMF, a number of Annexes devote in different concepts of advanced fuels and engine technologies as presented in the fuel-specific Chapters. Broader scope of work has covered, for example, fuel comparisons, standardisation issues, measurement methods and dissemination of information. This work within the IEA-AMF is introduced in Tables 1 and 2.

Table 1. IEA-AMF work on comparisons of advanced motor fuels in different transport sectors.
Fuels for cars Fuels for HD vehicles Non-road fuels Marine fuels Lubricants
Annex 43 Performance Evaluation of Passenger Car Fuel and Powerplant Options Annex 49 COMVEC – Fuel and Technology Alternatives for Commercial Vehicles Annex 50 Fuel and Technology Alternatives in Non-Road Engines Annex 41 Alternative Fuels for Marine Applications, report Annex 16 Biodegradable Lubricants
-Diesel, report
-Gasoline, report
Annex 35-2: Particulate measurements: Ethanol and Butanol in DISI Engines, report Annex 37 Fuel and Technology Alternatives for Buses, report Annex 33 Particle Emissions of 2-S Scooters, report    
Annex 22 Particulate Emissions at Moderate and Cold Temperatures Using Different Fuels, report Annex 17 Real Impact of New Technologies for Heavy-Duty Vehicles Annex 25 Fuel Effects on Emission from Non-Road Engines, report    
Annex 12 Particulate Emissions from Alternative Fuelled Vehicles (CNG, LPG), report Annex 8 Heavy-duty Vehicles on Alternative Fuels      
Annex 5 Performance evaluation of Alternative Fuel/Engine Concepts, report        


Table 2. IEA-AMF general work on advanced motor fuels.
Life cycle analysis, efficiency, feedstocks Fuel standards Significance of emissions, methods Strategies Information Services
Annex 52 Fuels for efficiency Annex 27: Standardization of Alternative Fuels
-Phase 1, report
-Phase 2, report
Annex 42 Toxicity of Exhaust Gases and Particles from IC-Engines – International Activities Survey, report Annex 21 Deployment Strategies for Hybrid, Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles, report Annex 28, 24, 9, 2

AMFI Newsletters
Annex 40 Life Cycle Analysis of Transportation Fuel Pathways, report   Annex 36 Measurement technologies for Emissions from Ethanol Fuelled Vehicles, report Annex 15 Implementation Barriers of Alternative Fuels, report AMF Annual Reports
Annex 34
1. Analysis of Biodiesel Options, report 
2. Algae as a Feedstock for Biofuels, report
  Annex 29 Evaluation of duty-cycles for Heavy-Duty Urban Vehicles, report Annex 11 Forecasting Tools for Alternative Fuels and Related Infrastructure AMF End of Term Report 2009-2015
Annex 19 New Fuels for New Engines   Annex 7 Comparison of Relative Environmental Impacts of Alternative and Conventional Fuels, report    
    Annex 3 Diesel Field Trials and Diesel Field Trials Analyses