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AMF - Implementing Agreement on Advanced Motor Fuels

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Annex 28: Information Service and AMF Website

Sharing and providing information are very important elements in IEA cooperation. The main task of Annex 28 is to produce four electronic newsletters per year and to maintain the AMF website. In addition, a new fuel information system is currently under development, and the website has been refreshed recently.

All AMF contracting parties participate in this project. Deliverables are the AMF Newsletters and the FUEL INFORMATION System.

Project Duration January 28, 2004 (continuous)
Participants All Contracting Parties
Cost Sharing Austria, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United States
Total Budget 49,000 € for 2017

Operating Agent

Ms. Dina Bacovsky
Location Wieselburg
Gewerbepark Haag 3
3250 Wieselburg-Land
phone: +43 7416 52238 35
fax: +43 7416 52238 99
email: dina.bacovsky@bioenergy2020.eu
web: www.bioenergy2020.eu