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AMF - Implementing Agreement on Advanced Motor Fuels

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Active Projects (Annexes)

Currently, 10 projects are ongoing. Details are provided on the respective subpages. For more information please contact the respective Operating Agent. The Annex Participation Table shows which contracting parties participate in the individual projects.

Annex 55: Real Driving Emissions and Fuel Consumption

Annex 54: GDI Engines and Alcohol Fuels

Annex 53: Sustainable Bus Systems

Annex 52: Fuels for Efficiency

Annex 51: Methane Emission Control

Annex 50: Fuel and Technology Alternatives in Non-Road Engines

Annex 49: COMVEC - Fuel and Technology Alternatives for Commercial Vehicles

Annex 47: Reconsideration of DME Fuel Specifications for Vehicles

Annex 43: Performance Evaluation of Passenger Car Fuel and Powerplant Options

Annex 28: Information Service & AMF Website (AMFI)