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Overview of Activities

The activities of AMF relate to R&D, deployment and dissemination of advanced motor fuels. AMF looks upon transport fuel issues in a systemic way, taking into account production, distribution and end-use related aspects. As fuels, engines and exhaust after-treatment systems have to be considered as interactive systems, the scope of AMF also covers propulsion systems (vehicles) using advanced motor fuels.

Advanced motor fuels are fuels that fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • Reduces GHG emissions
  • Improves life-cycle efficiency
  • Has high energy efficiency
  • Has low toxic emissions
  • Enables fuels for new propulsion systems
  • Contributes to security of supply

The work is carried out within individual projects called "Tasks". Over the years, more than 50 Tasks have been initiated. A number of fuels have been covered:

  • reformulated fuels (gasoline and diesel)
  • biofuels (ethanol, biodiesel etc.)
  • synthetic fuels (methanol, Fischer-Tropsch, DME etc.)
  • gaseous fuels (natural gas, biogas, LPG, hydrogen etc.)

For detailed information about ongoing work click here.
An overview table on current projects is available here.

The work program is directed by the Executive Committee (ExCo), which consists of the delegates representing the individual contracting parties. The ExCo meets twice a year to discuss the work program, project findings and new trends.