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AMF Annex 53 impacts local air quality

AMF Annex 53: Sustainable Bus Systems aimed at developing a methodology for establishing requirements for clean and energy-efficient buses that can be used in the tendering process for public transportation operators in developing regions. Operating conditions in Santiago and also in other major cities in developing countries are very different from usual driving cycles. As to allow for a suitable assessment, bus routes in Santiago were analysed, speed and slope were measured, and the resulting routes were compared to existing driving cycles. Finally, a “Santiago driving cycle” was defined which much better reflects actual operating conditions.

In 2018, the “Santiago driving cycle” was officially adopted by the Chilean Government. All new bus models that are coming to the bus market of Santiago must be tested under this cycle as part of the process of homologation. This ensures that best available technologies can be selected for renewal of the bus fleet. 2,000 new buses with Euro VI technology have now been purchased for Santiago, and 90 battery electric buses. Santiago is the first city in Latin America that requests Euro VI buses.

As a consequence of the activities of AMFs Annex 53 and cooperation from UNEP and Climate and Clean Air Coalition CCAC, Centro Mario Molina Chile and Ministry of Transport were distinguished as winner of CCAC´s global award for enabling policies for clean vehicles.

Link to award: http://ccacoalition.org/en/news/2018-climate-and-clean-air-awards

More information on AMF Annex 53: http://iea-amf.org/content/projects/map_projects/53