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Scania to deliver 140 biodiesel buses to Norway

Scania is set to deliver 140 buses to Norway, all of which can run on biodiesel and 70 of which have hybrid technology. The buses will be used in the public transport system of Kristiansand, a town south-west of the Norwegian capital Oslo.

Included in the delivery are Scania Citywide LE Suburban Hybrid, Scania Citywide LE Suburban and Scania Higer A30 buses, each in a range of specifications. A seven-year contract for Scania’s repair and maintenance programme, Fleet Care, is also included in the agreement.

As well as being Scania’s biggest yet order for hybrid buses, it is also the biggest bus order so for Scania’s subsidiary in Norway, Norsk Scania.

Source: Biofuels International