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Worldwide Harmonized Test Protocol

From 1 September 2017, a new test for measuring emissions from cars, called Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP), will officially apply to all models that are introduced on the European market for the first time. From September 2018, the lab test will be extended to all new cars sold across the EU.

The WLTP laboratory test is used to measure fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from passenger cars, as well as their pollutant emissions. An additional test to measure pollutant emissions on the road (real driving emissions, “RDE” test) will also apply. Under RDE, a car will be driven on public roads over a wide range of conditions. RDE will complement WLTP to ensure that laboratory test results are confirmed on the road.

“These new diesel vehicles will deliver low pollutant emissions in the laboratory and on the road. We believe that the introduction of this latest generation of diesel vehicles will play a strong role in helping cities move towards compliance with EU air quality targets.” stated ACEA Secretary General, Erik Jonnaert.

Source: ACEA Press Release, 31 August 2017;
more information about the new WLTP emissions test: http://wltpfacts.eu